3 Subtle Ways to Boost Your Communication IQ

3 Subtle Ways to Boost Your Communication IQ

Communication IQHere are three subtle ways to make your communication style as effective as possible.

Don’t speak too fast or too slow, speak slow enough to show that you’re being thoughtful, but fast enough to show that you’re bright and energetic. Choose the right tempo for the situation, and if you’re trying to be persuasive with someone, match your tempo to his or hers.

Demonstrate respect and concern through good manners, both in words and actions. Polite behaviors lead to more politeness from others. The opposite can be true too. Say things like, May I ask? Thank you. That’s interesting. I hope that was helpful.

Use appropriate body language. Demonstrate interest with eye contact. Don’t fold your arms. Make sure your body is saying what you want it to say.

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