Are You the Office Time Bandit?

Are You the Office Time Bandit?

The office time bandits are the people who interrupt your work whenever they want. But if nobody ever calls them out, they consider their behavior normal. Is it possible that you could be your office’s time bandit and just not know it? Then this is your wake-up call.

Let’s be clear, time bandits are sometimes the hardest workers, and they just don’t want to wait hours for a convenient time when “it will only take a minute”?

But it’s never “a minute.” It’s a lot more. There’s the interruption, the time you need to gather your thoughts just to get back to where you were before. And frustration. Or even distress and fatigue. You make some mistakes, so you have do-overs, which take even more time, which makes you even more frustrated.

So think about it. If you frequently interrupt people at work, consider how much chaos your innocent act causes. Don’t be your office’s time bandit!

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Edward G. Brown is an expert in corporate culture and behavior change. His sales and leadership programs has assisted Fortune 500 companies around the world.


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