Don’t Squash Your Big Goals for the Year by Squandering Time

Don’t Squash Your Big Goals for the Year by Squandering Time

If you keep failing at realizing your resolutions, half the problem is probably that you keep letting your time be stolen from you by interruptions, especially at work, from time bandits, including employees, colleagues, clients and customers, and yourself.

First, calculate how much time you lose to interruptions. You will then have incredible motivation to change. Explain to your time bandits that you want to take care of their request but make it in their best interest to let you “time lock.” Learn techniques to help you concentrate, so that you don’t waste your own time.

Then plan and prioritize the time you’ve regained from reducing interruptions. Determine the critical tasks. Handle the many minor tasks efficiently. Distinguish between hard and easy tasks and slot in hard tasks when you have energy or creativity for them. Plan for a week, not just tomorrow.

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