Making Important Decisions

Making Important Decisions

Meditation relieves stress, tunes out distractions, and prepares us to face hard tasks, but there’s an equally powerful practice you should use. Seek solitude to do important work and make important decisions undisturbed. The last thing you want to do in those situations is just to go with your gut. Significant decisions simply can’t be made without withdrawing from the fray. Set aside the present moment to think through the potential outcomes of your possible decision and past experience.

Focal lock – that is, train your mind on the big decision. Once secluded, you can perform what I call “Meditative Relaxercising” practices to keep your mind relaxed. Let your solitude enrich your options. Use the Psychological Martial Arts to still the outside world and create the illusion of seclusion, so that you can focus on the questions at hand. Embrace solitude with meditation and let them lead you.

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