Why Technology Can’t Replace Great Leadership

Why Technology Can’t Replace Great Leadership

techI appreciate technology and how it makes our lives better, but not everything that goes wrong in your business needs an app! Most things want leadership more than the latest technology. When people need more time, you don’t need to automate more of their work. You need to create a culture that protects people from interruptions.

Better data analytics tools won’t solve sales and service problems. Your employees need to be clear on how to approach a prospect, have the communication arts and skills to conduct a great sales call, and be motivated to do so.

Technology innovation will not improve productivity. It takes leadership to ensure that the new behaviors required in today’s digital business world actually become part of the culture. Technology can be deployed in service of that leadership, but it doesn’t do embedding. When there is a leadership problem, no amount of brilliant technology will solve it.

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Edward G. Brown is an expert in corporate culture and behavior change. His sales and leadership programs has assisted Fortune 500 companies around the world.


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