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Effective for all industries, ProPractice is a behavior change verbal interaction coaching technology program that improves employee performance.

In addition to our extensive library, your organization may wish to include Breakthrough PerformanceTech’s ProPractice. ProPractice is a completely revolutionary means of perfecting performance in any area that requires verbal interaction, embedding processes and procedures. It is a performance training and coaching system that focuses on interactive knowledge acquisition and behavioral embedding.

ProPractice is effective for all marketplaces, and it applies to every job family not only in service but in sales, compliance, operations, processing, managing, and coaching that requires excellent interpersonal communication.

ProPractice is the only real-performance simulator that focuses on maximizing verbal performance. Functionally, ProPractice is an automated coaching technology that is the equivalent of a “perfect coach.”

Key Differentiators of ProPractice

The unique design of ProPractice provides the following differentiating features:

  1. Challenges learners to respond verbally to simulated questions, statements, or scenarios.
  2. Verbal challenges are randomized to reflect what occurs in the real world.
  3. Unlimited challenge combinations, since real-world verbal interactions are rarely identical.
  4. Allows two individuals to participate at the same time for dual learning.
  5. A fail-safe scoring environment for facilitators, both emotionally and academically.
  6. The ability to implement daily training, rehearsal/practice, and reinforcement drives true continuous learning.
  7. Fully objective scoring even though all learner answers are verbal.
  8. Uniquely scores learners in three categories:
    • The correctness of their verbal response
    • The speed of initiating answers
    • The confidence level of their answers

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