The BBE Toolbox contains a set of
26 Behavioral Embedding Tools

The Problem…


We have conducted extensive due-diligence research to determine the causes and effects of Behavioral Embedding deficits. From our research, we have come to the following conclusions:

  1. Immediately following training, most institutions experience immediate lift – and in some cases peak performance – followed by a performance downturn.
  2. Cohen Brown and our clients recognized that Behavioral Embedding was critical.
  3. It is for these reasons that Breakthrough Behavioral Embedding was created.

The Solution…

Breakthrough Behavioral Embedding®


As a solution methodology for these Critical Few, Cohen Brown adapted the Behavioral Embedding Solutions. Cohen Brown created, authored, and produced Breakthrough Behavioral Embedding (BBE) and the BBE Toolbox.



Unlike traditional sales-and-service and leadership tools that you and others may have been exposed to in the past, the behavioral embedding tools contained in the BBE Toolbox have been designed to significantly maximize and sustain peak-performance results with growth.

Cohen Brown has always advocated that “Management Is the Glue℠” for behavioral change. This means that the leaders and managers of an organization must lead and support, by their behavior, the changes they want their people to embrace.

BBE is more than just another set of tools for teaching new sales-and-service techniques. BBE is the definitive embedding solution. It has been designed and proven to dramatically enhance and sustain peak-performance profitability and productivity, as well as overall sales-and-service and backroom-service performance. For that matter, BBE can also be used for embedding administrative, operations, compliance, and product-knowledge performance behaviors.

26 Behavioral Embedding Tools that can be used in combination with Cohen Brown courseware, or integrated with in-house solutions to increase your results and sustain peak performance.

These tools fit into five categories:


5- Overarching Blueprint Capstone:
4- Technology:
3- People:
2- Process:
1- Leadership Actions:

1 Leadership Actions


At the base and cornerstone of the pyramid is Leadership Actions, which is the stabilizing foundational force for all five categories. For BBE to be fully embraced, senior leaders must demonstrate their commitment to implementing the BBE Solutions.

To simplify and reduce this challenge, Cohen Brown has prepared an informal senior-management/Cohen Brown partnership agreement called the Management Partnership Agreement℠. This document sets forth the performance tasks of your senior management and Cohen Brown for executing the BBE Process and implementing the Behavioral Embedding Solutions.

2 Process


Cohen Brown programs are process-driven to enable the transfer of knowledge and skills so that they become a way of life rather than a one-off training event. Our BBE Tools provide highly effective, time-tested solutions for embedding behaviors. Many of these tools can be immediately implemented, and all can be used to dramatically improve your existing embedding efforts.

Learning Experience Application Period

Empowers participants to experience what they have learned through intensive training and role-playing in the classroom during a real-world, on-the-job training period that lasts no longer than 10 – 14 days.


  • Takes classroom training to the next level
  • Provides real-world experience aligned with academic learning
  • Generates incremental revenue due to freshness of  classroom training
  • Reduces staff downtime
  • Increases job satisfaction, self-confidence, and self-esteem

Hot Houses

Enables your organization to test and demonstrate proof of concept for new ideas to increase results.


  • Tests new initiatives on a smaller scale
  • Reduces risk if the idea fails; provides proof of concept if it succeeds
  • Creates buy-in from senior management
  • Creates a “pull effect” as those not involved in the Hot House are notified of the increased results

Behavioral Campaigns

Addresses one specific skill and, for a defined period of time, focuses all management and leadership efforts on improving the use and application of that skill. Behavioral Campaigns can be conducted concurrently with product-focused campaigns to enhance the effectiveness and results of both campaigns.


  • Shines a spotlight on a specific skill to increase its priority and overall effectiveness
  • Focuses sales/service meetings
  • Increases coaching to improve skill

Certification and Mastery Accreditation

Develops higher proficiency in a specific sales or management skill. It is a form of quality control put in place to ensure that managerial support and reinforcement of the sales-and-service culture occurs at the highest level of effectiveness.


  • “Institutionalizes” continuous coaching at all management levels
  • Ensures your organization’s sales-and-service actions are focused on results
  • Provides your organization with a practical step in internal management development
  • Underscores the commitment of your organization to  behavioral change

Retail Analytics

Utilizes mystery or known shops conducted within branches or business units to provide specific feedback on whether or not desired sales-and-service behaviors are being demonstrated.


  • Measures current sales-culture effectiveness
  • Measures effectiveness of embedding
  • Report contains narrative of qualitative interaction between shopper and all branch employees, as well as quantitative data

Lawnchair Motivation℠

Helps managers understand what motivates and demotivates individuals.


  • Identifies actions to increase motivation
  • Increases receptiveness to the coaching of new behaviors and skills
  • Increases job satisfaction
  • Increases client satisfaction and retention

Perfect Initial Account Opening

Teaches the critical behaviors involved in fully understanding clients’ needs during account openings to develop lasting relationships.


  • Provides clients with an enhanced account-opening experience
  • Provides consistency and professional sales behaviors at account openings
  • Improves client relationships and increases retention
  • Improves “share of wallet” ratios
  • Gathers more information regarding clients’ overall financial status

The Perfect Hour® for Tellers

Embeds the desired behaviors through a layered-learning approach to interacting with clients  and prospective clients.


  • Increases client perceptions of service quality
  • Increases quality referrals
  • Increases profitable revenues and retentions

3 People

Because people are the key to the success of any organization, the BBE People Tools provide proven methods for leveraging these critical resources to achieve BBE success.

Regional Skill Mentors

Managers within your organization who are selected to become internal sales-and-service-process consultants or internal Cohen Brown experts.


  • Provides greater coverage and support for managers
  • Demonstrates and role-models Cohen Brown behaviors for managers
  • Helps managers prepare for larger roles (career development)

Team Leaders

Individuals within your organization who work with a business-unit manager to implement the sales-and-service process and, in conjunction with the manager, coach specific behaviors.


  • Enables managers to maximize sales-and-service leadership actions
  • Keeps focus on key behaviors
  • Acts as a backup for managers

Role Models

Individuals within a business unit who are able to demonstrate specific behaviors with superior quality and are used to help build the skills of others.


  • Cross-pollinates Proven Best Practices
  • Engages more of the team in the process
  • Provides the manager with peer-to-peer coaching examples

4 Technology


Breakthrough Performance Technologies℠

In today’s world, technological support to increase performance is not just an option, it is essential. Cohen Brown has developed new BBE Technology Tools that will transform your approach and give your organization new options for successful Behavioral Embedding.

The cbway®

cbway has been designed to bring the learning to the student by leveraging web-based technology and converting Cohen Brown’s vast courseware library into Customized Targeted Performance Solutions On Demand that produce a quantifiable performance results increase.

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Increases your sales-and-service performance by delivering effective verbal responses to simulated client and prospective client challenges.

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High-impact, web-based, situation and job-specific motivational messages for implementing critical behaviors.

Modules on Demand

High-impact, web-based, concise modules that review the “how-to’s” of a technique and then how to apply the technique.

Preventing Missed Opportunities

Become a skilled “focused listener” by listening for, identifying, and capitalizing on Opportunity Clues within client and prospective client conversations.

Listening Mastery

Improves your ability to listen to and truly hear what others say and mean by correctly paraphrasing and prioritizing what has been communicated by others.

Perfecting Performance

Identifies correct and incorrect technique and style implementation within client and prospective client conversations.

Automated DataDiagnostics℠

Provides the ability to identify the most appropriate needs-based product and service recommendations based on existing account data, and information acquired during client conversations.

5 Overarching Blueprint Capstone



The Overarching Blueprint Capstone is a documented, step-by-step Implementation Action Plan (with related time frames) for all the BBE Solutions that your organization will employ.


  • Ability to clearly see the scope of your sales-and-service process
  • Resolves the obstacles of lack of clarity and lack of planning
  • Assigns responsibilities for implementation and results