Cohen Brown Management Group

The cbway has been designed to bring the learning to the student by leveraging web-based technology and converting Cohen Brown’s vast courseware library into Customized Targeted Performance Solutions (CTPS) which provides “just enough usable information” critically important for maximizing unfulfilled performance potential. Driven by your organization’s behavioral gap analysis needs and with laser-like accuracy, the gaps are precisely matched with the appropriate cbway Modular Training Solutions that produce a quantifiable performance results increase. This benefit is achieved without the significant costs associated with offsite training and related downtime.

The cbway provides a user-friendly, step-by-step learning format that allows the manager and student to collaborate and focus on specific skills sets within a behavior for learning and reinforcement.

Those familiar with Cohen Brown’s historical methodology of primarily classroom delivery will be thrilled to learn that cbway maintains the integrity of Cohen Brown’s unique leader-led methodology while allowing the training to be delivered directly to the student’s desktop computer if desired. This dramatically increases the flexibility in learning and greatly reduces training and logistical expenses. The cbway also incorporates all of Cohen Brown’s Breakthrough Behavioral Embedding Tools that are critical for attaining and sustaining peak performance with growth.

cbway Virtual Live Classrooms is very similar to a traditional physical classroom except that students may be at different locations connected by cbway. It can provide access to a live, leader-led, exceptionally collaborative and interactive virtual learning experience to more than 40,000 trainees simultaneously.

The cbway also provides the ability to reproduce workshops virtually with remote breakout groups wherein the participants can see and hear each other as the facilitator observes them via the “Look Over the Shoulder” feature. For debriefing purposes, the facilitator “with a push of a button” brings the breakout groups back to the main group.

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