Breakthrough Service Performance

What Makes Service “Breakthrough”?

Learn more about how YOU can make your Service “Breakthrough”!

In business, the only true differentiator is the service clients receive. Your competitors have similar products, pricing, delivery, and promotional ideas. But do they have the best service? And is their service really Breakthrough?

Breakthrough service means different things to different organizations, so Cohen Brown contacted managers worldwide to discover what customer service behaviors they thought made service truly breakthrough!

In today’s world knowing how to Greet, Assess, Help, and Conclude is not enough to achieve truly Breakthrough Service. Utilizing these actions with executional excellence and fundamental service behaviors like Taking Ownership, Positive Attitude, Proactivity, and Effective Interactive Communication is the key!

Cohen Brown is proud to present the consolidated results of our research. You can download our findings below. We have also included our Big Five Service Process Implementation Tips and a short overview of our Breakthrough Service Performance solution designed to help you achieve Breakthrough Service in your organization.

Remember, clients who are 100% happy with the service they receive on a consistent basis are the best providers of word-of-mouth advertising!

We hope you find this research intriguing. Please let us know what you think, or contact us by signing up for a free consultation.