April Sessions

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April Newsletter Sessions

 April, 22, 2020

 11:30 AM PT, 12:30 PM MT, 1:30 PM CT, 2:30 PM ET

Coaching Your Team to Successful Teleconsulting Calls

A world-standard coaching experience is created using the Coach Skills Loop. During this session we talk about making a commitment to improve the teleconsulting skills of our bankers through observation, observational feedback, and skill building.


 April, 29, 2020

 11:30 AM PT, 12:30 PM MT, 1:30 PM CT, 2:30 PM ET

Improving Your Teleconsulting

Improve your teleconsulting calls through focused preparation, entry lines that establish credibility and interest, and proper note-taking. These skills will be discussed during this workshop that will enhance your calls. You can bring a current teleconsulting scenario to the call or use the example provided during the call.

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