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 June 6, 2018

Coaching Your Team to Success

The best of the best coaching experience is created using the Coach Skills Loop (Observation, Observational Feedback and Skill Building) once you make the commitment to take control of your day.

Coaching To Sucess

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 September 19, 2018

Preparing for Teleconsulting During Campaigns

This session will focus on improving your teleconsulting calls through focused preparation, entry lines that establish credibility and interest, probing questions, and anticipated objections. A case study will be utilized as the skills are practiced.

Teleconsulting campaigns

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December 5, 2018

It’s More Than Bedside Manner

Showing kind, friendly and understanding behavior is a great first step in delivering the best of the best customer interactions. But this session goes beyond as we examine the process that, when used consistently by all tellers in your organization, will give customers a consistent and positively differentiated experience.

It's More than Bedside Manner

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