Client Financial Review

Client Review Process

The ability of bankers to discover and help clients with their financial needs is the cornerstone of serving clients.  It is also essential for increasing revenue, client satisfaction and retention and building the organization’s brand.  While nearly every organization has a client needs analysis methodology in place, few do it consistently and do it well.   Cohen Brown researched the reasons for underperformance and developed the Client Review Process to overcome them and ensure consistent excellence in implementation of the Client Review.

The Client Review Process teaches the Proven needs analysis conversation which is customized for each Cohen Brown client.  It relationship driven, consultative, thorough and time-efficient and perceived by clients as value added.  It enables bankers to expand and retain client relationships and gain new ones.

The Client Review Process leverages our innovative and highly effective ProPractice performance solution to enable bankers to quickly develop skill, confidence and mastery with the Client Review. Additionally it includes a Manager Workshop to teach precision-aligned proven best practices for leading, managing and coaching bankers to consistently and effectively implement the Client Review.  Finally, consulting is included to prepare the organization for implementation and ongoing success.