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October Newsletter Series

 October 9, 2018

 8:30 PT, 9:30 MT, 10:30 CT, 11:30 ET

A Loan, Anyone?

We will be discussing loans from two perspectives. Using the scenario of a call or visit from a rate shopper, we will first create entry lines that differentiate your organization. Secondly, we will be transitioning to the credit category once a Needs Assessment has been gathered in the Day-to-Day Banking and Deposits/Investments Categories.

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 October 18, 2018

 8:30 PT, 9:30 MT, 10:30 CT, 11:30 ET

Transition Lines to Day-to-Day Banking

Being able to transition from category to category with confidence and in a manner that is logical is an essential skill for conducting a Needs Assessment. This session will focus on clues and Windows of Opportunity that will allow you to transition with ease to the Day-to-Day Category from Bank Deposits/Investments and Credit

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 July 24, 2018

 8:30 PT, 9:30 MT, 10:30 CT, 11:30 ET

Focusing on Retirement

Research shows that the bank with which an individual deposits their retirement investments is where they will deposit the majority of their funds, including checking and other types of savings. This session will focus on investment probing questions and transition lines to other financial categories.

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