Call Center Relationship Management Lab, Part Two


Call Center Relationship Management Lab, Part Two

Provides call center professionals sales training that develops consultative selling techniques.

Call Center Relationship Management Lab, Part Two is designed for all Call Center professionals involved in the sales process and builds upon the consultative approach developed in Part One of the Lab. The extensive training includes scripting and practical exercises, as well as coaching techniques that teach representatives what to say and how to say it through the seven phases of the Financial Needs Analysis Profile (FiNAP®). Representatives will also learn to consultatively follow through on identified needs and professionally handle objections from all customers to increase their close ratios and shorten the sales cycle.

The key skills that the organization’s call center representatives will learn in Call Center Relationship Management Lab, Part Two are

  • How to distinguish between the unique causes and effects of distress among sales professionals, and how to gain control of and relieve their own distress
  • How to be a consultative sales professional who identifies and fulfills both the stated and unstated needs of customers
  • How to use the Seven-Phase Call Center FiNAP Presentation to create an interest, overcome objections, and close the sale
  • How to customize opening scripts based on the call origination and “type of buyer”
  • How to use consultative probes to accurately assess callers’ initial needs
  • How to present initial recommendations using benefit statements
  • How to close a sale using the advanced Objections Categorizer technique to respond to objections
  • How to “tag on” an offer to meet callers’ unstated needs in other areas of financial services
  • How to use exit lines that pre-position an Implementation Action Plan, which may include a Warm Hand-Over to a designated specialist
  • How to use a consultative approach when asking for referrals