In Store ExSELLence

In-Store ExSELLence

Teaches proactive techniques for in-store branches that utilize product knowledge to provide consultative selling to clients, and increase the level of profitable sales.

In-store branches are among the most innovative distribution channels in the financial services industry. Unfortunately, most financial organizations that have invested in them assumed that profitability would be an inherent byproduct of merely opening in-store locations. In fact, on average, in-store locations have not performed nearly as well as traditional branches.

Furthermore, most in-store locations have participated in some form of sales training but have reported to Cohen Brown disappointment in the results produced. In response, Cohen Brown has applied the unique and proven Cohen Brown Process specifically to the in-store environment.

In-Store ExSELLence maximizes profitable sales from in-store locations through World-Standard proactive processes. It turns unprofitable in-store locations into profitable locations that favorably compete with or exceed the productivity of traditional branches and leverages already successful in-store locations.

The key skills that the organization’s in-store bankers and managers will learn in In-Store ExSELLence are

  • How to increase profitable sales through proactive, consultative selling
  • How to conduct a Mini Financial Needs Analysis Profile (Mini-FiNAP®) and identify and capitalize on opportunities
  • How to implement Key Sales Techniques
  • How to master the Three-Step Sales Cycle (Creating an Interest, Overcoming Objections, Consultative Closing)
  • How to do Scriptwriting
  • How to conduct In-Person and Telephone Appointments
  • How to generate Referral Leads
  • How to educate in-store clients about services available
  • How to use informal market research techniques to increase sales
  • Where, when and how to “aisle prospect”, including tactics and approach
  • How to gain attention through branch and joint promotions