Structured Time & Workflow Management

Structured Time & Workflow Management

Teaches participants how to eliminate interruptions to increase time surplus and improve workplace productivity.

Structured Time & Workflow Management is an ongoing process that focuses on learning how to use structured time-management techniques to recover time that is unnecessarily wasted and to utilize that time surplus to implement critical initiatives with Executional Excellence, increased productivity, reduced stress, and greater overall job satisfaction. The objective of Structured Time, Distress & Workflow Management is to provide significantly enhanced service while continuously maximizing and increasing profitable revenues by enabling participants to minimize and even eliminate common interruptions.

The key skills that all personnel within the organization will learn in Structured Time & Workflow Management are

  • How to use Time Locking to eliminate time loss caused by unwanted interruptions
  • How to identify, manage and train Time Bandits
  • Why and how to prioritize
  • How to batch process tasks
  • How to schedule tasks for effective workflow (e.g., the right time of day/week, hard vs. easy)
  • How to use planning protocols to manage your time effectively
  • How to create and use a time-managed workflow implementation action plan

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