Extraordinary Leadership

Teaches managers how to motivate, enhance, and manage their employees’ sales behavior on a daily basis. 

Extraordinary Leadership teaches a dynamic, action-focused sales leadership process. Delivered to all line and senior managers, this course shows how to motivate, enhance, and manage employees’ sales behaviors on a daily basis. It is the ideal management program for achieving a vigorous, sustainable, high-performance sales culture.

The key skills that the organization’s managers will learn in Extraordinary Leadership are

  • How to motivate, change, and manage the sales behaviors of employees on a daily basis
  • How to use proven process-driven skills and techniques that will lead to more proactive employee behaviors, thus increasing revenues and client satisfaction
  • How to use the Ten-Step Leadership Model, a process for teaching managers how to create a vision of World-Standard sales-and-service performance and bottom-line results
  • How to coach employees to make the above vision a reality
  • How to utilize Structured Coaching Techniques, which are specific “how-to’s” for obtaining maximum performance levels
  • How to master Distance Management, a highly effective method for managing employees in multiple locations