How to tame office interruptions and regain lost work time

How to tame office interruptions and regain lost work time

Time Edward Brown is Here are Edward Brown’s three strategies on answering, “Do you have a minute?”
Be confident of your right to decline. While you want to be able to help your co-worker, your time at work is valuable! If you don’t protect your time, you can’t expect other busy people to protect it for you.
Get over the guilt of saying no. If you don’t have the time to help someone, you simply don’t have the time, and that’s not something you should feel guilty about.
The opposite of ‘yes’ doesn’t have to be ‘no.’ Even though you can’t give your time on the spot, you do have a valuable gift to offer: your full concentration and interest at a time of mutual convenience.
Hopefully, with these three simple strategies you’ll be able to answer your co-workers confidently, and with ease the next time they ask for your time.

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