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  • CB Tips: An Hour Without Distraction


    Time Locking: Setting aside a block of time in which employees are not to be distracted. Related article Distractable...

  • Practice

    You Need To Practice


    By practicing something over and over again, you can create a new memory chip in your brain. You must...

  • Frustrating Call

    Tommy Wants-To-Please: Frustrating Call-Ins


    The most professional approach to avoid client call-in interruptions is to set mutually convenient telephone appointments.  Just ask Tommy....

  • When Plans Fly out the Window


    By Cindy Leverich . Earlier this year my frustration level reached an all-time high. I have aggressive goals and project...

  • Prioritisation


    by Claudia Irmer ~ I admit I am a planning, prioritising and controlling freak! I simply love to not...

  • Shhhh…I’m trying to hear myself think


    I am a social being. I much prefer to work in a team than be a one-person show, even...

  • Speed It Up Boys! Coping with Layoffs.


    . This morning I read in Forbes, “Layoffs in Tech Now a Permanent Feature.”  Dell, JC Penney, and Disney...