Sales & Service Training & Techniques

  • Golden Opportunity

    Are you maximizing your Golden Opportunity, or missing millions in revenue?


    Research shows that about 60% of brand new customers leave their initial interaction with a bank with exactly what...

  • Do you say it’s urgent?


    Dwight David Eisenhower had a pretty decent career. Supreme Commander of the forces that defeated one of the vilest...

  • Who is your greatest Time Bandit? Ask the mirror.

    Who is your greatest Time Bandit? Ask the mirror.


      What is more self-defeating than a command to “Concentrate!”  Even when you say it to yourself.  Concentration has...

  • The 800-lb Gorilla


    The value of human capital in companies worldwide is significantly more appreciated now than in the past.  Having highly...

  • CB Tips


    Teleconsulting: Create a differentiated Personalized Relationship experience for clients and make every call relationship-focused rather than a single-purposed contact....

  • What A Year It Has Been!


    What a year it has been!  How did it go for you?  Did your year-end results match your year-opening...

  • Above and Beyond


    I would like to tell you about one of the best service experiences I received in recent memory.  It...

  • The Behavioural Campaign


    The best way to describe a behavioural campaign (that shines a light on behaviours) is to think of a...

  • Great Service from a Bulk Food Discount Store?


    Well, I love great service, and I expect it from the upscale companies who charge more and put a...