Common Causes for Lack of Focus….

Common Causes for Lack of Focus….

Common Causes for Lack of Focus

I’ve made a deal with my co-workers to let me put a sign on my door that reads, “Rhonda is Time Locking.”

Now I am ready to focus. As I sit at my desk, trying to conduct research on innovative marketing strategies, why on earth can’t I focus? I find myself reading emails and even moonlighting on social media. Houston, we have a problem.

The reality is, we often interrupt ourselves even more than others interrupt us. Overcoming our own interruptions is a challenge. The only way to navigate interruptions and focus is by Focal Locking. When you find your mind wandering, especially when you’ve made a deal with yourself to concentrate, Focal Locking will allow you to practice Targeted Focused Concentration, or in other words, “Bearing Down” with total focus to capitalize on and leverage the benefits of Time Locking.

We have so much on our minds these days. We’re constantly multi-tasking. We daydream. We worry. We live in an Interruption Culture. In order to Focal Lock, we have to put a stop to our Mental Leakage. Let’s be honest, we often welcome those interruptions because we’re bored and just don’t want to complete the task at hand. In order to put an end to Mental Leakage so that we can Focal Lock, we have to come to terms with the causes of our Mental Leakage.

Top Common Causes of Mental Leakage

  1. We lack self-control over concentration
  2. Plain old-fashioned boredom
  3. We’re not held accountable
  4. Cognitive dissonance
  5. Unrealistic optimism about how much time we have available
  6. A lack of third-person positive reinforcement—No one keeps us motivated
  7. Planning deficits
  8. Lack of prioritization
  9. Distress

Now, that I’ve finished writing, I need to focus on my marketing campaigns.

Senior Vice President of Marketing for Cohen Brown Management Group and executes all of the company’s marketing strategies and tactical implementation.