Do You Have The Symptoms?

By Cindy Griffith

My Kitty

Meet my cat Brodie who sits on my desk most of the day listening to me talk on the telephone and watching as I type on the computer.  He keeps me on track.  If the clock hits 6:00, he cries while pawing at my leg and if I work on the computer while watching television, he sits on the keyboard.  One day I had just hung up the telephone and started mumbling to myself. There were papers spread all over my desk I looked over and found him in this position.  “I know…a disaster right?  I feel like covering my eyes too!”  I was stressed, distressed.

“Interruptions create distress, and it shows in many ways” noted by Success Magazine summary that is based on the book The Time Bandit Solution authored by Edward G. Brown, President, Co-Chairman & Co-Founder at Cohen Brown Management Group. The link to Take Back Your Time: What to Do When You’re Stretched Too Thin is below.  The article continues to say that distress manifestations “do exist, and they are harmful.” The symptoms include “mental fatigue, irritability, loss of concentration, reduced efficiency, reduced productivity”…talking to one’s self??

When was the last time you exhibited one of the symptoms?

Take Back Your Time: What To Do When You’re Stretched Too Thin



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