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  • Practice

    You Need To Practice


    By practicing something over and over again, you can create a new memory chip in your brain. You must...

  • Win a copy of Edward G Brown‘s new book The Time Bandit Solution.


    There are those books that will tell you to “Just Say No!” when your Time Bandits interrupt you. But...

  • Frustrating Call

    Tommy Wants-To-Please: Frustrating Call-Ins


    The most professional approach to avoid client call-in interruptions is to set mutually convenient telephone appointments.  Just ask Tommy....

  • Symptoms

    Do You Have The Symptoms?


    By Cindy Griffith Meet my cat Brodie who sits on my desk most of the day listening to me...

  • Finding Quiet Time


     by Cynthia Whitmer Griffith I remember outdoor recess at elementary school I played as hard as I could during...

  • Tommy Wants-to-Please: Recognize this guy?


    The phone rings and Tommy answers it, ready to respond to any request.  An email alert pops up on...

  • Stop Asking, Who Knows Where the Time Goes? An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Focus.


    The following is a reprint of the original article which appeared in Entrepreneur Magazine on July 22, 2014 by...

  • CB Tips


    Teleconsulting: Create a differentiated Personalized Relationship experience for clients and make every call relationship-focused rather than a single-purposed contact....

  • Meet Tommy Wants-to-Please


    Meet Tommy Wants-to-Please. He plays a starring role in today’s Interruption Culture. He’s also a lead character in The Time...

  • Spring INTO Forward


    By Cindy Griffith Spring is always very hectic for me as I try to repair the damage that occurs...